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Wallmine Review: Your Ultimate Financial Tool

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Are you a savvy trader seeking comprehensive tools for both stock and crypto investments? Wallmine is a versatile platform designed for your trading needs. With its feature-rich offerings, including a crypto screener, stock screeners, and more, Wallmine is your go-to resource.

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Wallmine cryptocurrency screener page

Introducing Wallmine: The Ultimate Financial Hub

Wallmine is a tool for monitoring your investment portfolio and screening assets in the American stock and cryptocurrency markets. Launched in 2018, Wallmine is available in both English and Russian languages. Whether you're trading stocks or crypto, it provides you with the tools to manage multiple brokerage accounts.
The platform tracks over 14,000 cryptocurrencies. Wallmine’s crypto screener is similar to the stock market one but with fewer filter parameters. Users can get detailed information about the price and market behavior of each cryptocurrency.

What Wallmine Has to Offer?

  1. Asset Discovery: Discover assets using filters based on various parameters.
  2. Market Monitoring: Stay ahead with custom screens and notifications for stock market trends.
  3. Portfolio Control: Keep tabs on your portfolio through charts, heatmaps, and more.
  4. Technical and Fundamental Tools: Access tools for identifying promising stocks and cryptocurrencies.
  5. Insider Trading Information: Uncover insights on insider trading activities.
  6. Asset Efficiency Analysis: Evaluate the performance of assets, sectors, and entire markets.
  7. Market News: Stay updated with stock market news, securities announcements, dividend dates, and more.

Exploring Wallmine's Homepage

Upon visiting, you'll find an array of information related to the U.S. stock market. The top menu includes a search bar and three main sections: "Sign in," "Tools," and "Markets."
Beneath the menu, you'll find the "Markets" section, featuring thematic articles on the left column. On the right, you'll spot the latest price changes in stock indices, popular currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, and gold. There's also thematic video content, sector overviews, and a heatmap depicting the stock market's performance.
Every stock listed on Wallmine has its dedicated page. These individual pages offer fundamental data, the latest price indicators, alerts, key technical charts, and market news.

Wallmine Charts

Two types of charts are available on Wallmine: overview and real-time charts. Overview charts display daily candles with a few moving averages. Additional indicators are not available within overview charts.
Real-time charts are integrated from TradingView, enabling you to analyze assets across time frames using technical indicators and compare multiple stocks on a single chart.

Portfolio Tracking

Wallmine's portfolio tracking operates similarly to other services. It's a consolidated hub where investors and traders can monitor their funds and diversification in one place. You can track transactions for each stock, compare indicators with various U.S. stock market indices, and monitor assets by industry and country.
The portfolio serves two functions:
  1. Automatically depositing received dividends.
  2. Tracking of investors' funds and cash-related transactions.
At the bottom of each portfolio, you'll find a "Cash" section, indicating the overall remaining funds in the portfolio.
In the absence of transactions, returns are calculated based on virtual $1000 investments for added assets.
The portfolio tracker emulates functionalities from major American brokers such as Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and Robinhood, among others. You can import portfolios and transaction history from external sources into Wallmine.

Create a Public Portfolio

With Wallmine, you can create a public portfolio and share your personal information, career data, and other details. Other users can view your profile, and you can also link your Wallmine profile to social media.

Wallmine Free Stock Screener

Wallmine's stock screener sorts assets based on fundamental parameters, boasting a list of over 27,000 companies. The best part? You don't need to register on to use this tool.
Data related to companies, exchanges, industrial sectors, market capitalization, and more are presented in a table format. Hover over any criterion to reveal additional analysis parameters. You can choose a specific criterion and obtain detailed data in a separate table.
Technical indicators are also integrated into Wallmine's stock screener. However, customization options are limited. For instance, the RSI indicator has specific range settings: <30 and >70.
Filters can be tailored to your preferences and tabs can be sorted for various types of data related to dividends, recent indicators, cash flow, profitability, and more. Creating your custom screen enables you to sort selected stocks based on dozens of parameters or visualize them on a heatmap.

Stock Market Heatmap

In this subsection, the focus is on insider trading, histograms, heatmap, and bubbles. The insider trading segment provides information about trades made by company executives. You can filter by filing date, insider type, number of shares, and share value.
The histogram segment shows the industry breakdown. The heatmap provides information about the growth (green) and decline (red) of U.S. stock market stocks and displays the company ticker, full name, and market capitalization (square size).

Cost of Using Wallmine

Wallmine offers both free and paid features. We recommend starting with the free version while learning how to use a cryptocurrency screener. The free features include two investment portfolios with up to 10 assets in each.

Wallmine Paid Plans

  • Hobbyist: $50 per month. Unlimited portfolios, SEC filings search.
  • Professional: $250 per month. Portfolio sharing within teams shared stock screening configurations.

Wallmine: A Valuable Tool for U.S. Investors and Traders

Wallmine is gaining popularity among investors and traders in the U.S. stock market thanks to its comprehensive and user-friendly features. Its unique ability to seamlessly integrate portfolio tracking and stock screening makes it a valuable resource for participants in the American stock market.
However, it's important to note that Wallmine has limited information about the crypto market. If you're seeking a cryptocurrency screener, we suggest trying out the CScalp screener for more extensive insights and analysis. Moreover, our free screener provides real-time information on the most volatile assets for scalping. You can also join our Discord channel for more insights about our screener and how it works.