24.04.24 CScalp Beta Update: Proxy Fixes and Bitget Stop Orders

16.04.24 CScalp Beta release announcement
On April 24, 2024, we released a CScalp Beta update. We've corrected issues with proxy servers, added stop orders for Bitget, and fixed various bugs. Here's what will change.
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Minimum Bybit Order

We've implemented the ability to trade orders under $5 on Bybit. The minimum order size of $5 is a standard limitation for all Bybit users. However, in the beta version of CScalp, this limit does not apply. Traders can place orders under $5 on all available Bybit connections.
Minimum Bybit Orders in CScalp
It is now possible to place orders under $5 on all available Bybit connections in CScalp


Some users encountered high latency issues when trading on CScalp via proxy servers. We've identified and corrected this error. Connections through proxy servers are now functioning properly.
This article is for informational purposes only and does not contain recommendations for accessing resources restricted within the territory of the Russian Federation

Bitget Stop Orders

The “Bitget: Futures” connection now supports stop orders. These orders are placed on the exchange server and are executed even in the event of technical issues on the trader's side. Learn more about stop orders in the trading terminal: “How to Place Stop Orders in CScalp.”

Bug Fixes

We've found and corrected:
  • An error in ping display when canceling an order
  • A bug in chart rendering
  • A freeze issue with connections to OKX

How to Participate in CScalp Beta Testing

We invite traders to take part in the testing! Users with the beta version of CScalp on the new platform can update it in the usual way. If you have the CScalp beta installed on an old platform, download the current version here. For more detailed information on becoming a beta tester, read: “How to Become a CScalp Alpha or Beta Tester?
Please be aware that the CScalp beta has a separate installer. The beta version and the release version installed on the same PC do not interfere with each other:
  • The beta is installed in a separate Program Files folder
  • The beta has its own category in the Start menu and the "Install/Uninstall Programs" window
  • The beta has its own desktop shortcut (FSR Launcher beta)
Before installing the beta version, make sure that all applications are closed.
Both the beta and release versions of CScalp utilize the same license key. You can restore or obtain your license key on the CScalp website or through the CScalp Telegram bot.
It is not possible to run both versions of CScalp simultaneously on the same PC.
If you come across any issues or errors, please do not hesitate to contact our support team!