We have prepared a review of HyperTrader and CScalp cryptocurrency trading platforms. We are going to talk about features of terminals, connections to exchanges and pricing.

HyperTrader features

The HyperTrader trading platform is designed for swing trading and medium-term trading. The interface of the terminal is simplified as much as possible. Orders can be sent from the chart, dragged for placing or canceling.

The break-even indicator is also displayed on the chart as a marker. Using it, you can track the entry point for buying/selling an instrument with an exit to breakeven.

The HyperTrader portfolio collects data on all the user's trading accounts connected to the platform. Bar charts are provided for analyzing the trading history. Portfolio information is updated in real time using PnL analysis.
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A customizable crypto screener is implemented in the HyperTrader functionality. A news feed is integrated to analyze the market by news.

HyperTrader supports Windows, macOS and Linux. The official website and terminal are available in English only. The support team is English-speaking also.

Exchanges: Binance, Bybit, OKX, Huobi, Kraken, Coinbase, KuCoin, Bitvavo, Gate.io, Crypto.com.

You can find a detailed review of HyperTrader here.

CScalp features

The CScalp terminal is designed for scalping and day trading, therefore the feature and interface of the terminal are focused on the needs of intraday trading. The basis of the working space is the order book, trades history and clusters. Using it the trader analyzes the market and works with orders.

Orders in CScalp could be placed in one click. Hot keys are also implemented for simplifying work with orders during sharp market movements. Simultaneous work with 40 trading instruments on different exchanges is possible. Also, CScalp has a multi-account feature.
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The CScalp team is also working on additional trading tools. Trader's Diary helps to store and analyze the trading history. To simplify tracking of instruments and finding entry points, the team is working on a screener for cryptocurrencies and Telegram channels with signals.

CScalp only works on Windows. The terminal team has prepared instructions for running CScalp on macOS and Linux. The official website and terminal have Russian and English versions.

Exchanges: Binance, Bybit, EXMO, BitMEX, Bitfinex, MOEX

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HyperTrader and CScalp pricing

The HyperTrader platform is available by subscription. A monthly subscription costs 49$, an annual subscription costs 479$. A trial version for 21 days is available in order to get acquainted with the features of the terminal.

Using CScalp is free, anyone can get a terminal license. In order to do this, it is enough to leave an e-mail in a special form: an installation file, a license key and installation instructions will be sent to the mail.
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Updates for CScalp release regularly and are available to all users. In case of difficulties or problems, terminal users can contact the support team.


The choice of a trading platform depends on the strategy that trader uses. For swing trading and medium-term trading, HyperTrader is suitable. This is a simple and convenient terminal with features to carry out several trades per week or month. CScalp is designed for day trading, so scalpers and day traders use it.
Crypto trading beginners should make a decision based on personal experience. You can download HyperTrader trial and free CScalp license: after working directly with the terminals, it will be easier to decide which software to use.

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