CScalp trading terminal team prepared this article in order to help users to understand what is worth to do? Should traders buy or download cracked TigerTride or should they use free trading platforms or terminals such as CScalp?

To start trading, a trader needs a terminal. Long-Term style of trading traders feel comfortable (fits with) using: QUIK, MetaTrader etc. Such terminals are not suitable for scalpers, they are inconvenient for high frequency trading. Beginners in scalping can’t afford to pay for an expensive terminal. What shall they do? They think between downloading crack for TigerTrade or use free CScalp. Read more about it in our article.
How to download
How much does it cost to download TigerTrade and CScalp
Do not rush to buy a license
Buy a terminal out of profits
The risk of a “cracked” version
Don’t say that we didn’t warn you
CScalp as an analogue of TigerTrade
All tools and features for scalping you need.
What FREE license can provide you
What will a free and perpetual CScalp license provide for a trader?

1. How to download

TigerTrade and CScalp (the free version of Privod Bondar) are scalping terminals or trading platforms. Both terminals support Moscow Stock Exchange and cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance.
We would like to tell you how to download TigerTrade and CScalp.

Let's start with CScalp. Any trader can download CScalp absolutely for free. This means that there are no additional paid features or hidden payments in the terminal.

In order to get CScalp, leave your email address in the form below.
By clicking the 'Get for Free' button, you agree to the 'Privacy Policy'
You will receive a mail containing installation file, perpetual license key and video tutorial of installation of the terminal.
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Free license, you don't need a crack!
You can download TigerTrade on the official website of the terminal. Then you need to sign up and confirm your email address. After that, you will be able to log in to your personal account and get a trial license. The trial allows you to use the terminal for 14 days for free. Then you need to pay a subscription for using the terminal. Here are the prices from the official website.
TigerTrade or CScalp, TigerTrade Cons, TigerTrade Pros, TigerTrade features, TigerTrade trading terminal, Cracked TigerTrade, TigerTrade Torrent, TigerTrade free, TigerTrade License
TigerTrade Pricing
Majority of traders are not ready to pay for the terminal or platform and they start to search for «TigerTrade cracked» or «TigerTrade torrent», however, they forget about the negative consequences of cracked versions.

2. Do not rush to buy a license

Our team is against crack versions. It makes sense that, besides you breaking the law, you might harm your computer. But we also agree with traders who believe that you need to buy a terminal out of profit.

We recommend "beginners" not to buy a scalper terminal for two reasons:
  1. Beginners do not know whether they will remain in scalping in six months.
  2. Beginners what features have to be integrated in the terminal.
Let's calculate the prices of TigerTrade. An annual license is too much for a new account, we will pay for months. If you pay 49$ for the terminal in a month. The price of Tiger Trade will be 588$ for a year. For an account of 2000$, it will be about 30% of your deposit. You should also take into account the fees when you trade. It's a bit heavy.
Do not rush to buy a license for a scalping terminal. Learn basics on trials, or trade using the free software. Why?Because after some time, many traders understand that scalping is «not my thing».And no one will return the money for the license.

3. The risk of a cracked version

The trader takes a risk using a crack. First of all it's related to the security of your funds. Here is a simple example.

You have faced an unknown error and are trying to solve the issues by yourself, but the terminal is still not working correctly.
What will you do?

Contact TigerTrade support: "Hello guys! I really like your terminal and I have downloaded the cracked version, but I have an issue with your platform. Could you help me please?

It is logical that Tiger Trade will take offense at you for the crack version. And they won't help.

4. CScalp as an analogue of TigerTrade

Let’s make it a little bit clear for you. What intra-day trader needs? Intraday traders need all data that can be shown from the market in a short-term perspective. All of these CScalp and TigerTrade can offer you.

For example, clusters, market trades data, charts and of course the main is order book. All of these are called DOM. CScalp has dynamic DOM with a wide range of features as well as TigerTrade. Also CScalp has all features you need for high frequency trading - convenient interface, dynamic DOM, multiple accounts feature, charts, ability to use dozens of order books at the same time etc.. . But what is the main difference between these terminals? So CScalp could fit your requirement, because it has all features that modern scalpers need, and you also can choose TigerTrade terminal, because it also has features that traders need, but CScalp is free.

5. What FREE license can provide you

TigerTrade and CScalp, are protected by a license key. The key is perpetual and free of charge. It will be attached to the letter after the registration.
CScalp license (key)
CScalp license key is convenient
  • CScalp License is free
    You don't have to pay. Register, download, install and use! You are legally and officially using the terminal. You will not have any restrictions. Why CScalp is free, we wrote here.
  • License is perpetual
    Don't worry about dates. The key is perpetual. If you have lost your key, support will help you restore it. There is no point in looking for a "cracked" key on CScalp!
  • License includes a technical support team
    Do you have a question about CScalp? Contact support. Together we will understand the issue and find a solution. This is how our support works.
  • Regular updates
    You don't have to worry about terminal versions. CScalp will check the updates itself and offer to update "in one click". The trader can be sure that the terminal has the latest version!


Is it worth using cracks and "hacked" terminals?
NO! Definitely no.

Should a novice trader pay for TigerTrade?
In our opinion, it's not worth it. Firstly, you should get experience. Use trials and free software. When you have experience, you will return to the question again.

Is TigerTrade worth its money?
We think it's worth it! If you have traded through several terminals and consider that TigerTrade is the most convenient – buy safely, this is a high-quality terminal.

Happy profits!

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