Date of update: 16.08.2023

Hey! Good day to all!

My name is Dmitry. I'm from Russia.

I devoted 15 years of my life to scalping on an exchange. I develop software for scalping, train traders, develop a community. This is my business, my hobby, my religion.

Now I am developing a terminal for professional scalping CScalp and I control the largest community of scalpers in the Russian Internet. 3000 traders run our software every morning.

What is scalping?

Scalping is an active trading on the exchange within the day. Many deals with little profit.

Why do I like scalping? Scalping is a difficult but honest eSports. Tens of thousands of people come to learn scalping, hundreds start to earn, units become "stars" and millionaires. Like in football or Dota2. As in any other sport. All is honest. All are equal regardless of nationality, education and start-up capital.

Why exchanges love our sport?

The answer is simple. We make huge turns and pay huge commissions. Exchanges and brokers dream that scalpers will be trade in their markets.

Earlier we used to trade only in Russia

Our sport is difficult and requires training. We speak and learn in Russian. Therefore, we do scalping on the Moscow Exchange, and our traders live in Russian-speaking countries. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia.

We tried to do business on CME, NYSE, NASDAQ. Nothing worked out. We do not know how to trade there.

Then you are appeared …


When the first crypto exchanges are appeared, we did not pay attention to them. This is a hype, and it will pass soon, we thought so then. But the hype did not pass.

Last year we tried a new dish - scalping on Binance. It's not tasty. Then we tried - Binance-Futures. And this dish was great! Our traders liked the Binance-Futures.

We realized that now they are not limited to the Moscow Exchange. Our knowledge and skills work in cryptotrading.

To compete or die

I am writing this for all cryptocurrency exchanges, but I hope that Binance will hear me first. Why? We are already working with Binance and the exchange sees evidence of my words expressed in figures of the amount of turnover.

Now, cryptocurrency exchanges are in hard competition with each other. Winners will be determined soon. Winners will divide the market and eat losers. Perhaps there will be one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges on the planet.

I know how to win this game. I have a plan.

Plan "Scalping - the new religion of the exchange"

  1. We will become partners and make CScalp the official terminal of your exchange. It will be available free of charge to each trader.
  2. Then we will make scalping the religion of your exchange. We will combine my experience in training and my software and your marketing channels. We will teach scalping in all languages of the world. We will glorify champions. We will create eSports that will be popular with players like Dota or CS.
  3. Tens of thousands of new players will come to the exchange, study and accept our religion. And they will bring new players.
  4. Exchanges turnover will fly into the sky. Competitors will be surrender.

Contact me

People from crypto exchanges! Read my letter attentively and consider it. Show it to your bosses. If you are CZ, then ask your people to bring to you amount of turnover that we generate for you currently.

I need a partner to make scalping a sport of the millions of people. You need a partner to become the main crypto-exchange of the planet.

Rate my vision.

Get into contact with me in Telegram @app1225
Official website of CScalp (Russian)
CScalp traders forum (Russian)