07.05.2024 CScalp Release: Bitget Connection

25.04.2024 CScalp update announcement
On May 7, 2024, we released the latest CScalp version featuring a new connection to the Bitget cryptocurrency exchange. We also fixed several bugs and added a tutorial window. Here's what will change.
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Bitget Connection

We’ve introduced a connection to the Bitget exchange called “Bitget: Futures,” which supports perpetual USDT futures trading. Maker fees are 0.02%, and taker fees are 0.06%.
Bitget: Futures connection is highlighted within the CScalp connection settings window
“Bitget: Futures” connection is now available in CScalp
Connection Guide: “How to Connect CScalp to Bitget.

Tutorial Window

We’ve added a tutorial window with instructions on how to connect the trading terminal to the exchange and make your first trade for new CScalp users. The window opens upon the first launch of the terminal before the first transaction is completed.
CScalp tutorial window
CScalp now features a tutorial window for new trading terminal users


We’ve added a countdown feature on charts. It shows how much time remains until the current candlestick is completed.
The time display feature is visible on a CScalp chart
The chart countdown timer feature is now implemented in CScalp

Bug Fixes

We've fixed the following issues:
  • High ping problem when connecting to the exchange via proxy servers
  • High CPU load
  • Ping display issue when canceling an order
  • Chart rendering issue
  • OKX connection freeze
  • .csv trade import error
  • Exchange order book reconnection issue with the “Binance: USDT Futures” connection
  • Application crashes when the market data server is enabled
  • Unlimited order book error on Binance connections when the market data server is enabled
  • Day start lines display errors on charts
  • Stop-Loss/Take-Profit order cancellation error when switching instruments and adding volume to positions

How to Update CScalp

To update CScalp to the latest version:
  • Open the Launcher
  • Start CScalp
  • The app will check for updates and offer to install them automatically. Agree, and the terminal will update.
To update the Launcher to the latest version:
  • Open the Launcher
  • Click “Update is available” at the top of the window
  • Wait for the update to install
Important! Close all applications before installing the update. If you come across any issues or errors, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.